Better Slow Than Still

Production on Oranges has been paused while Nelson and I worked on “For Ali”, a narrative music video to a song called “Ali” by Nathan Finochio.

We were working specifically towards the LG Life is Good Film Festival (HD) which ended today at 5pm. We mailed it yesterday! So it’s been a bit crazy getting everything done and a one day shoot turned into three 1/2 days due to scheduling catastrophes. But it’s ‘in the can’, as they used to say, and it looks great. We’re all really pleased with it and I’ve inserted a few stills below. Don’t want to give everything away but basically it’s about a girl who leaves her boyfriend to go to school in Australia and the special gift he makes & sends to her.

SO – all that to say that we’ll be finishing Oranges in the very near future!!! So stay tuned!


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How It All Started

Nearly a year ago, Alana was sitting in church watching the screens for the video announcements when she saw this video by Nelson Dunk. It was then she realized that this loose acquaintance, whom she’d worked with on a few small in-house projects in the past, had some serious creative abilities.

They had a conversation about how so many people, people with varying degrees of skill *ahem*, seem to ‘just do it’. Why were they sitting around wishing they were acting or directing or writing?

Alana had two shorts stories she thought might work for a first project – a test of sorts. They sat down with the original Oranges story and Nelson discovered a wealth of possibilities in it. Hacking and slashing, they turned that short story into a messy skeleton. Alana discovered she loved the process of seeing what other forms her writing could take on, what else was living inside of it. Nelson and Alana both discovered, at least up until this point, that they work very well together!

Using the wonderful, free scriptwriting service, Alana went to work formatting. Casting was a bit of a concern since they wanted to keep things as uncomplicated as possible by using people they already knew. Two stars were found but schedules just wouldn’t align.

And then….nothing. Life happened for several months and the project was put on hold. Until finally, on Friday July 24th, 2009, the cast and crew was gathered at Alana’s apartment for rehearsal. The female lead was unable to attend so Alana stepped in (which she quite enjoyed, particularly since she’d been cursing the fact that she hadn’t written herself into her own script!).

The read-through/rehearsal/tech set-up went well and on Saturday, July 25th, “Oranges” had it’s first day of shooting.

On August 12th, Josh – playing the role of Daniel, recorded his narration in the studio with David Kuwabara, record producer and Alana’s husband.

To date, most of the editing is done and a few final touches are being worked out. Alana & Nelson anticipate the film to be completed by October, a little over a year from that very first conversation.

Hey – nothing beats ‘just doing it’!

What’s With the Oranges?

The title of this blog is not only a line from the film but a very good question. Hold on to it. Cherish it. Nurture it.

And later, when we’re not busy, we’ll answer it.